If you are going to do some serious grilling this year, don't be surprised when you hit the meat counter and prices are through the roof.

According to FOX 17, the recent cyberattack at the world's largest beef producer, JB Meat Products, affected five United States meat processing plants and that slow down is now affecting the price of beef when you hit the market.

Because of the pandemic many beef farms have had to raise their prices due to shortages and other issues, then you tie that into a meat processing company who handles a majority of beef for the entire world gets hit with a cyberattack, beef prices are rising again.

You put those things together with shipping prices that have gone up, the stores that actually sell the meat are now having to pay more for it so naturally the costs will affect you and I when we visit our local grocery store.

I get all the companies are trying to stay in business but this is the example of trickle down economics that really sucks. One company in the meat chain raises their price and then the next company in the chain raises there's and so on.

My problem with these price hikes is, when they go up, when things come back to normal, the prices don't come back down.

I have seen this the entire pandemic while grocery shopping. I didn't buy any more that I usually do except for one stock up the freezer shopping day I did early in the pandemic, and I have paid way more for groceries in the past year than I ever had in my life.

I had no problem finding anything I need at the store the entire time. Yes, certain companies had trouble getting certain items from overseas but the majority of the companies didn't have any interruptions at all other than employees wearing masks or being out of work with COVID-19.

I've also watched how gun, ammo and oil companies have found reasons to raise their prices my entire lifetime when only once there was an actual real oil shortage that was world wide back in the 70s.

Beef has never cost more than it does right now and it doesn't look like the price will be coming down anytime soon. Just remember that your butcher is not making more money off the high costs of beef. Its just every one in the chain above them has raised their price.

If prices continue to rise and just don't come down whether its meat, vegetables or anything else, I wouldn't be surprised to see more people moving from the city and to the country where they can be more self sufficient and raise their own food.

I've got plenty of land and that is something I am considering.

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