Survivors of sexual abuse from University of Michigan doctor are asking to address Bo Schembechler's legacy since he knew about abuse and did nothing.

It's unfortunate that Bo Schembechler and Dr. Robert Anderson are no longer here to be able to address the sexual abuse claims since they have both since passed away.

According to WOOD, there is a group of U of M football players along with others that are asking the university leaders address the legacy of famed coach Bo Schembechler after several accusations that have been made that he knew the doctor was sexually abusing student athletes and did nothing to stop it while the Schembechler family are saying the accusations are not true.

Not sure how the family can say that after Schembechler's son Matt Schembechler announced at a press conference that he told his dad about the abuse from Anderson and said his dad did nothing other than say toughen up.

You can't really go anywhere around the campus of U of M and not see Coach Schembechler's name and figure on a bronze statue and there being a hall named after him as well.

I know it was a different time back then but I am surprised nothing was done about this much sooner and closer to when these acts originally took place. It seems if the coach or staff did nothing, the police would. I'm not doubting the survivors word just the timing and lack of contact to the authorities.

After a lengthy investigation regarding this matter, there were four players that told Schembechler about Andersons conduct as well as Bo's own son.

Schembechler's family claims he never talked about any abusive behavior by Dr. Anderson. They claim there is not way he would tolerate anything of that nature and especially to his players and family.

No one likes getting a physical and perhaps at that time, Bo Schembechler thought the players were just uncomfortable with the process and made more of it than what it was in Bo's mind and perhaps he wrote it off. Now if the conversations with players and his son were more detailed that would be a much different issue.

The survivors of Dr. Anderson are speaking to University of Michigan leaders in hopes they will address Schembechler's legacy and make a decision on what to do regarding his name on campus moving forward.

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