While Bell's Oberon has its own holiday, Two Hearted Ale is a superstar in its own right. The latest example of that being a Top 5 ranking for 2019 on UnTappd.

UnTappd has been posting some year end results and in the category of most "checked-in" beers, Two Hearted Ale was number five, behind Guinness Draught, Heineken, Lagunitas' IPA, and Brew Dog's Punk IPA. (But ahead of Miller Lite and Bud Light)

Bell's also finished Top 10 in the most checked-in brewery category, at number 7. Grand Rapids' Founders was third in that category, which is populated with a fascinating mix of breweries from around the country and the world. Tree House in Massachusetts was first, Brew Dog from Scotland, but in Ohio second, Sierra Nevada in California fourth, Other Half in Brooklyn, NY, fifth and Stone Brewing in California sixth.

It's been a good year for Two Hearted, once again trouncing Russian River Brewing's Pliny The Elder for best beer of the year from Zymurgy magazine. Two Hearted also celebrated an anniversary, and it's cousin Double Two Hearted was a hit with many.




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