Vacation in Cozumel, Mexico and you may hear a thing or two about Crazy King Burrito. The streetcorner burrito joint earns 5 stars on just about every platform out there - TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook and Google.

So it shouldn't surprise you to hear that Crazy King Burrito is looking to expand north of the Rio Grande. But what might come as a surprise is where they're making their first beachhead in America. After opening a location near Dayton, Ohio, Crazy King Burrito has their eyes set on a gas station in Southwest Michigan near St Joseph.

Local media in Berrien County is reporting that Crazy King Burrito will take over the space recently vacated by Taco John's along Red Arrow Highway in Stevensville.

The franchise site for the chain gives the elevator pitch for the restaurant:

We are founded on integrity and proudly use cherished family recipes. We focus ONLY on authentic Mexican burritos and burrito bowls. That’s it. Our pricing is very simple with high margins. We’re not “fast food.” We are the highest-quality, delicious QUICK FOOD available.

True to that mission, the menu is limited to just burritos. You won't find other Mexican food staples like tacos or quesadillas here. Burritos come in Chico or Super size.

But don't worry about the restaurant that Crazy King Burrito is replacing. Taco John's is not giving up on Michigan. Rather they're betting on the state in a big way with plans to open 50 locations in the Mitten.

This short sizzle reel may give you just a taste of what to expect when Crazy King Burrito opens in Michigan.

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