It's certainly that time of year to be reminded of what someone once said defined this great country of ours: BASEBALL, HOT DOGS AND APPLE PIE!!!  I'm not sure if that was ever the case but nonetheless it fits for the information about to be delivered.  Right now baseball isn't quite the draw here in Michigan with the Tigers circling the drain.  Hotdogs will always just be hot dogs but apple pie is the one thing on the list that can be debated.

As fate would have it, a national search was conducted by to find the best apple pie in America and, wouldn't you know it, the first place on the list is Achatz Handmade Pie Company in Ann Arbor, MI.  Now, I'm not positive that first on the list means it's the best but there aren't any actual rankings so we'll take it.  And we're up against some big city hitters!  Check out the rest of the list by clicking HERE.



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