Customer service is a tricky thing. Everyone has their own definition, and if go on sites like Yelp, you quickly realize, there's a ton of people with axes to grind and own agendas. But let's get back to the positive. In a year where finding good people to work is very challenging, there are people who stand out, who go the "extra mile", businesses that understand that make there customer happy is Job 1.

So we put up a question on our Facebook page and here's a sampling of the responses we got in return.

Since this is a totally random and unscientific survey, you can't draw any serious conclusions, but it is worth noting that virtually all the places mentioned by you are local. Whether it's restaurant or other kinds of businesses, you don't see mentions of chains or franchises. That's a little surprising, but also a little reassuring, in a world being gobbled up by online behemoths.

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So take a look a what people around here said.

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