I think we can all agree that no one goes into a relationship looking forward to a divorce.  I would also think we can agree that divorce is necessary given circumstances that occur between 2 people.  The disagreement that has continued to rage is the case for alimony.  In recent years, many have suggested that the one-sided nature of the structure should be modified to fit individual situations and, in many cases, not have the longevity as in the past as receiving parties have a better chance of becoming financially independent.  However, when it comes to child support, there seems to be very little disagreement that children need to be taken care of.

People who willfully refuse to honor the agreement need to be dealt with in other ways that can exert pressure to abide.  This bill is certainly not the end all but it's a start.  Perhaps more of these ideas can be incorporated in the system to make violators conform. The bill being put forward preventing people who haven’t paid their child support from obtaining permits for hunting and fishing is only in Utah but could very well make it's way here and many other states.

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