We sadly lost Bob Saget in early January after what has now been confirmed as head trauma - likely hitting his head before going to bed after a comedy performance in Florida. At the time, Saget was on a Stand-Up Comedy Tour that had stops all across the country, including Michigan.

Saget was no stranger to Michigan, and has current ties in the Mitten as his final film made was written by a native of Grand Rapids.

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Matthew Dressel will see his film "Daniel's Gotta Die" premiere at the Austin Film Festival this coming week, and it just happens to feature the late Saget as one of its characters, "Lawrence."

Dressel met Saget during filming, and told MLive when he wrote the script, and found out it was getting made, he had Saget in mind for the role.

"I'd actually been championing for (Saget) to be a part of the film foa while. His comedy, 'Dirty Work,' was one of my favorite comedies of all time, so I wanted him to be a part of the project."

"Bob was one of the first people to come forward. That was all very surreal, to take a Zoom call with Bob Saget. It took 12 years to get here and then all of a sudden, it all happened so quickly."

Dressel had been working on the screenplay for this film since 2011, and nearly had it ready to go before the pandemic hit in 2020. That set it back to last year for filming.

The movie is a dark comedy about the main protagonist, "Daniel", coming home to reconnect with his family, but discovers they all want him dead so they can inherit his wealth.

There isn't a trailer for the film, which will be seen by an audience for the first time at the Austin Film Fest this year, but you can hear some of the Director's remarks in the video below.

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