For many living in Michigan, it's a dream to find a place 'up north,' whatever Up North means to you. Perhaps you go for the true remoteness of one of the islands of the Great Lakes. One of the best known is Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron a bit southeast of Mackinac Island and off the coast of Cheboygan.

You may think this piece of real estate is a great find. And at just $26,000, even a Millennial could afford to own.

Here's what you need to know about this 200 square foot diamond in the rough. Despite the appearances, this is a shed and not a habitable cabin. And here's where the debate starts.

The listing says this is a 1-bedroom property. However, and the uppercase is the listing agent's highlight, not ours: Per Twp. Zoning, SHED MAY NOT BE USED AS CABIN!

Here's the full property listing:

A custom shed that could be used to store all your camping gear in while camping on this lot! Per Twp. Zoning, SHED MAY NOT BE USED AS CABIN!Electric Installed and also has an older Shallow well, water will come out, however should not be considered potable.

So Bois Blanc Township says it's a shed. The listing says it has a single bedroom. Why don't you scroll through the pics and check out what certainly appears to be a bed, and couch and kitchen. Then tell us, is this a cabin or a storage shed?

200 Square Food Shed That's Not a Cabin on Bois Blanc Island, Michigan

The township says this shed is not a cabin. Judge the photos for yourself is this property, listed at $26,000, is being lived in.

If you do decide to own a shed that's totally not a home on Bois Blanc Island, you should probably know how to say it. There are three competing pronunciations as this story from a Northern Michigan TV station shares:

Perhaps living in a shed instantly reminded you of a classic Simpsons moment when Gil and Sideshow Bob were neighbors in a storage locker complex. As the character says in the episode, "oh you want to live in the box? Cost you two bucks a day."

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