The Henry Ford is beaming up a collection that should attract Trekkies from across the state.

Fans are promised "a fully immersive, limited-engagement exhibition" when they see the newest exhibit at The Henry Ford. " Navigate through more than 100 rare artifacts and props, including the original U.S.S. Enterprise navigation console. Beam yourself into the action to re-create memorable scenes with the transporter simulator and the KHAAAN! scream booth."

The Henry Ford | Dearborn, MI

May 11-Sept 2, 2019

Tickets $18-$24

Highlights include

  • Rare costumes worn in the television series and films
  • An original series tricorder, communicator and phaser
  • Tribbles
  • Borg cube
  • Klingon disruptor pistol
  • Transporter simulator
  • Original scripts, concept art, storyboards and production drawings

There are also special Happy Hour events with after-hours access to the exhibit and special programming. This is a limited engagement, moving on to new frontiers after September 2.

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