As the entire country and Southwest Michigan wait in full anxiety mode for the election results, it's nice to know that we can take a deep breath and remember that things are still somewhat normal here in Kalamazoo. Recently, Boombox Ronnie was seen dabbin' and jamming out with his boombox in downtown Kalamazoo. Jennine Jenzz Barnes was driving late last month when she caught BBR gettin' it:

She was also able to snag a few pics of him while eating:

Jennine Jenzz Barnes
Jennine Jenzz Barnes

Boombox is one of the coolest dudes in Kalamazoo. There's even a tribute group dedicated to him on Facebook with over 3,000 members, stating:

This a group dedicated to Kalamazoo legend MC Ronnie AKA Kool Whip, who parades around the student ghetto nightly...and daily, regardless of the weather conditions.
You can often catch Ronnie at local open mics killing the stage, blowing kisses to his adoring (or indifferent) fans, challenging people to push-up competitions, getting his suntan on, hanging out at the local convenience store and watching your bike while you grab some smokes, basically just being Kool.

Boombox Ronnie is known for dancing whenever he feels like it and at times seen in costume, such as his new light up pants or the infamous Spongebob Squarepants get up. There is also a new group called In the Life of Boombox Ronnie, where he occasionally goes live as well. It's good to know he's still holding it down in these ridiculous times we're facing. Make sure to show him some love when you see him out doing his thing.

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