Bosch Beer will spark some memories in Michiganders of a certain age. The Upper Peninsula brewer dates back to 1874.

Bosch Beer is as Upper Peninsula as it gets, with brew houses in the Keweenaw Peninsula at Houghton and Lake Linden. The memories were flowing like the beer once did on the All About Michigan History group on Facebook.

Local brew that everyone drank. German style beer that you had to "acquire" a taste for! Two of my aunts worked there loading cases & barrels during WW2


Didn't care for the regular, but their "Gilt Edge Premium" was great.

The Bosch brand also brewed an ahead-of-its-time light beer known as Sauna - a play on the Keweenaw's strong Finnish heritage - sisu.

According to history shared by the Northern Michigan Railroad Club, Bosch Beer was founded by Joseph Bosch as the Torch Lake Brewery in Lake Linden. A buy out of a brewery in 1899 brought the operations to Houghton and spread further in the Keweenaw and UP to Calumet, Hancock, Eagle Harbor and Ishpeming.

Bosch Beer, which advertised its 'Bright Bold Flavor' disappeared from store shelves and taps around Michigan in 1973.

Bosch Beer Train Cars

Model railroading fans have shown off their collection of Bosch Beer refrigerated train cars.

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