Michigan's Thumb Fire of 1881 caused major devastation to the land, burned whole towns to a crisp, and killed numerous people and their families. Many homesteaders refused to leave their homes and subsequently died in the fire. The blazes lasted for three days, from September 5 - 8, ruining millions of acres of forestry in various counties, including Huron, Sanilac, and Tuscola.

Of the approximately 125 people who lost their lives in the fire, there were many deaths in Forester Township alone. Just five miles north of Port Sanilac, in the town of Forester on the shores of Lake Huron, a family of nine by the name of Wilson all perished.

That brings us to the rumored paranormal activity in the Forester Cemetery. People say they have witnessed the figures of young school-age boys running through the graveyard every Wednesday night at Midnight. It's believed they are the spirits of the Wilson boys who died in the fire. Others get the feeling it could be other youngsters who died in the fire.

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Every Wednesday night?
Makes sense.
The Thumb Fire reached the Forester area on September 7, 1881...a Wednesday.

The Forester Cemetery also holds another famous Michigan Haunting...that of a young girl by the name of Minnie Quay, which you can read about HERE and HERE.

So if you take a roadtrip over Forester way, there are a few apparitions you just may encounter.....especially on a Wednesday at Midnight...

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