I adopted "Serenity" in December of 2010. She's a 2011 Chevy Aveo; a little "roller skate" car that's a fun ride (according to my mechanic) and absolutely perfect for me.  In five-and-a-half years we've sung through several road trip playlists, moved from state-to-state, visited Chicago for the holidays, and survived "tech-week-messy" as I was nearing the opening of shows.

She's my baby. I give her regular showers, check ups, and oil changes. But, as all five-and-a-half-year-old cars, she started looking a little sad on the inside.  Pet fur, crumbs, spills, dust, and whatever-the-hell is on the inside of my windshield, just seemed to be permanent.  No amount of vacuuming or wiping or squeegeeing seemed to bring her back to her showroom glow.

That was until Julie Chenery from Autobody USA and I were having a conversation at a Classic Truck remote, recently, and she mentioned they detail cars. "Right," I thought, "but I don't have a BMW or Lexus or a restored AMC Gremlin. Seems silly to go through all that trouble for a little Chevy Aveo." Well, I though about it... and dropped Serenity off at the Stadium Drive location.

I am blown away by the difference. I wish I had taken "before" pictures, but I never thought I would see such a dramatic change.  A big thank you to everyone at Autobody USA who had a hand in bringing the shine back to Serenity. We're gonna keep on flyin'.

Check it out below!