There are a number of factors that contribute to good, local businesses - They are good at what they do, and they understand their audience.

Chicago just happens to be a pretty violent town, and this car detailer seems to be REALLY good at their job, and going viral for their advertising.

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Tony's Touch Auto Detailing in Chicago went viral last week after they posted before and after photos of a recent interior detail job. Normally, those photos are of a significant spill in the back of a minivan (damn kids), accompanied by a pile of Cheerios and Cheetos.

Well, these before and after photos didn't have the Cheerios or Cheetos but DID have a significant... and questionable spill in the back seat.

Captioned below with "We are Located in Chicago, Illinois. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We don't ask questions, we get the job done."

I feel like maybe some questions should have been asked before completing that detail job.

If you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking, then yeah, this company might be an accessory to covering up an "un-aliving."

The comment section of the post was where it was at, though. One person wrote:

"Damn, was it in RESIDENT EVIL!?!?!"

Others were quick to offer other alternative scenarios

"There's so many reasons for this. Someone could've gave birth, someone could've got hurt then got in the the car to go to the hospital. Or with how people acting now a days, they could've got shot while driving around town. There's so many reasons."

THANKFULLY, though, it seems there's some clarification from the poster and the business. They pinned a comment to the top...

"The point of this post is to show versatility when it comes to removing stains as well as great advertising. There was no one injured. but keep running up those numbers."

So it sounds like... this was just great marketing, and that probably wasn't human blood... PROBABLY. Sure got our attention, though, and they DO do good work!

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