UPDATE: We now know that the driver of the vehicle in question is actually the owner of the liquor store on the corner, and said "I just wanted to fully utilize my parking lot."

Well, congratulations... you took up almost all of it. LOL

ORIGINAL STORY - We live in Michigan, so it’s understandable when the weather gets inclement, the roads follow suit... at least for a little while. Before the plows and salt trucks can get to clearing, it can feel like the wild west out there, especially when it comes to parking lots. 

But there’s a big difference between not being ABLE to park well, and purposefully parking in the worst possible way, like this guy did in Kalamazoo. 

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The viral facebook account “Parking Pr***s of the Midwest” often features vehicles who park in the worst possible ways. For example, the high-end vehicle who deliberately takes up between two, and four parking spots to “insure” that nobody parks near them, and scratches their car. 

These are situations where it’s perfectly fine to connect a ring of shopping carts completely around their car... you know... to REALLY make sure nobody hits their car... definitely not meant to completely block them in and be obnoxious toward an obnoxious parker. 

But as egregious as the four-spot parker can be, sometimes something so gloriously wrong appears in the wild, that you can’t help but see it, and stare in awe. 

I give you, the snow climber. 

Yeah, this was spotted on the corner of Drake and KL in Kalamazoo, in the parking lot of the Party Store on the corner, next to Green Light Record Store, and that is indeed a very large pickup that is purposefully (at least we hope it’s on purpose) pulled UP onto the mound of snow that has been cleared form the parking lot into the corner. 

The irony here is, the lot was cleared, so parking spots are easily visible. But this glorious individual though, “Hey, you know those car dealerships that park their trucks on the corner of the lots, climbing up a mound of something to look really cool in front of everyone? I think I’ll do that.” 

I’m almost certain that is NOT an actual parking spot, even if the snow wasn’t there. I could be wrong, but I have spent some time in that parking lot picking up a few party “accessories” and some records from Green Light.  

So to whoever this king of the snow mound is... bravo. You have now set the bar at a whole new level for future bad parking people to reach for. 

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