There might be some changes coming to First Baptist Church soon, but the great work of God's Kitchen will continue to help our area hungry with free meals (Church Street entrance). Tonight from 4:30 to 6:00 enjoy breakfast for dinner! We're talking pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns - everything you never have time to prepare for yourself first thing in the morning. As always, there is no income requirement to participate. If you are struggling with food insecurity, please enjoy a free meal compliments of the volunteers at God's Kitchen. Findings show that one in six people living in Kalamazoo is food insecure. One in six. That means someone you know is silently struggling with hunger. They could be a coworker, neighbor, or family friend. Hunger has no face and does not discriminate. If you would like to donate to help God's Kitchen continue their mission, click here.

Bonus Video: Foodamazoo - The Last Hot n Now


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