With so many people out of work, food insecurity is affecting more and more households. A lot of organizations are stepping up their efforts to get food to our neighbors who need it most. God’s Kitchen of Michigan is a nonprofit corporation that currently serves free dinners on Mondays and Wednesday in Kalamazoo, and they are looking for more effective ways to make sure everyone gets a meal. That's why they've started the Food Trucks Fight Hunger Fund. They hope to raise $200,000 to secure a food truck. According to their GoFundMe page, quote:

In the wake of the coronavirus, many needy individuals and families are being quarantined and laid off to reduce or eliminate the virus. With little or no financial resources to buy food, we need to step up to feed the hungry where they live... On behalf of the CaringCarGuy and CALTRAN, thank you in advance for your charitable contribution. God bless you.

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