For years, we've been bringing the alarming statistics of Southwest Michigan's food insecurity problem to you. Whether we're raising awareness with Dollar Drive Thru, or highlighting other folks' attempts at curbing the problem, how to put an end to our neighbors' hunger has always been forefront. Now, more than ever, our neighbors need our help. Families that were keeping afloat now feel themselves drowning after a layoff, cut hours, or having to stay home to teach the kids. Hunger is affecting more Southwest Michigan families than ever before. And two locally organizations are teaming up to do something about it.

The Artisan Sandwich Co. on the Kalamazoo Mall and The Kalamazoo Foodie have partnered together in hopes of feeding families and individuals in need of a wholesome, nutritious, and delicious meal. Here's how it works; simply click on this menu, choose a sandwich, soup, drink, etc., and list that order as a "Suspended Order". Artisan Sandwich Co. will keep track of all the suspended orders and make them up fresh for people in need. There's even an option to purchase a gift card if you just can't decide. What's even better is you can add this to your order, so if you were thinking Artisan Sandwich Co. sounded just delightful, you can place your order and donate a meal all at the same time.

A message from Artisan Sandwich Co. and The Kalamazoo Foodie:

A BIG THANK YOU in advance to our AMAZING customers for helping feed families in Kalamazoo! Your money goes straight to the local community.

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