To say Monday, June 17th was a blast simply doesn't cut it.

The Rocker hosted its first ever Bad Back Bowling Tournament at Continental Lanes in Kalamazoo, and not only brought members of our community together, but raised an awesome amount of money for a great cause.

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First of all, we can't thank the people who were involved enough. Our sponsors were incredibly giving, and generous with their time and promotion, and many even offered up items to put into a silent auction that helped raise money for the West Michigan Cancer Center.

More than 70 people fill half the house at Continental Lanes to compete for our top prizes of Highest Total Score, and Team Score. We also offered trophies for the "Humble Champion" and the "Hot and Cold" award, which was the largest difference in scores.

Nearly everyone donated, as well, to the 50/50 raffle, and our VERY exciting Strike Ball competition (Congrats Bill on the massage, and the strike!) that sent us well over the edge for an incredible amount.

TSM/Mark Frankhouse/Robin Dempsey/Mary Fork
TSM/Mark Frankhouse/Robin Dempsey/Mary Fork

Combined with the winnings from the silent auction, WRKR and the entire Bad Back Bowling crew, raised a total of $1,355 (and counting) for the West Michigan Cancer Center.

Anne Witherspoon, the Development Director for the West Michigan Cancer Center, said she was thrilled with the donation, and excited to see the response from everyone at the event.

"Thank you to everyone who came... and donated to the West Michigan Cancer Center today... We are so happy to have been a part of this event."

Plans are already underway to plan ANOTHER Bad Back Bowling Tournament, but for now, take a look at the fun we had in the gallery below, anda gain... congrats to our Champions, and thank you to everyone who was involved!

The Rocker Bad Back Bowling Tournament 2024

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in the First Rocker Bad Back Bowling Tournament. Congratulations to our Champions, AND THANK YOU for helping us raise $1,355 for the West Michigan Cancer Center.

Gallery Credit: TSM/Mark Frankhouse/Robin Dempsey/Mary Fork

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