Top 5 Ways The RKR App Can make Your Life Better
Say you're at work and the front end person has a knack for really bad polka music and that's all that is played where you work. Instead of quitting, all you would need to is just call up the RKR app on your smartphone
New Show 'Outlaw Country'
Jason Hervey, who we remember most as Wayne Arnold of the "Wonder Years" called in to tell us about his new project "Outlaw Country" on WGN America.
Cris Kauffman Tribute Show
As I write this, it's very hard to keep my composure.
I received and email from Catriena & Dave Kauffman, letting me know that that their son Cris had passed away from an epileptic seizure. He was only 27; the same age as my son Ryan.
New Movies to Watch, Skip
Every Friday, Ryan Jay joins The Rocker Morning Show to tell us what movies are worth seeing, and what are worth skipping.
This morning, Ryan reviewed Duff and McCarland, USA.
Daytona 500 Winner
Congratulations to Don Kirkconnell of Schoolcraft.
He won the trip to the Daytona 500, which will be on Feb. 22.
Vote: Ramone's Stripper Name
As you can see from the video below, I'm a natural when it comes to male revue, and I have way too much free time on my hands.
What do you think my male stripper name should be?  I like "Istanbul" and "Gigantor."  Or "Ramoan."
Vote f…
The Ultra-Strict Rules of Getting Gas at Costco
The woman I share martial bliss with has a Costco card.  Last night she went to Costco and got gas and said how great the price was and gave me the Costco card so I could also enjoy these fabulous savings on petroleum.
First off, I have yet to venture to this new Costco location...

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