A lot of people would argue that technology has done more harm than good to mankind. They feel it has triggered some type of new age isolation, government has been dangerously influenced and it even gave us Miley Cyrus (yikes!)

But through all the bad there has come a lot of good. GPS Apps help us get places quickly, we now have apps that can warn us of irregular or high heart rates (you know the type of elevated heart rate that comes from hearing lame Miley Cyrus songs..lol) and some apps can act as your all around source of entertainment.

WARNING: a not-ashamed plug for RKR App is coming...lol

How does the RKR App make my life better? Well even though there are many reasons how it can, here are just 5 reasons your life can get better by downloading the RKR App.

5) You can stream the station anywhere. Here at home or across the country. Say you're at work and the front end person has a knack for really bad polka music and that's all that is played where you work. Instead of quitting, all you would need to is just call up the RKR app on your smartphone (its free and only takes a minute) plug in some headphones and voila' - a one and a two and you're a rocking with RKR!

4) Alerts for breaking rock news. For instance, many RKR listeners were alerted on the death of Eddie Van Halen before they found out from any other source, in essence they were the first to know.

3) Stories From The World Of Rock.  RKR App owners are privy to exclusive stories from the world of rock found no where else. 35 Rock/Metal Artists With 5 Or More Platinum Albums and The 15 Most Expensive Guitars Of All-Time are just a couple of exclusive stories available to RKR App owners.

2) Our News button (located right in the middle of the app page) gives you exclusive local stories of interest written by your local RKR air talent. Local information given to you by local air talent. Pretty sure it doesn't get more local than that.

1) Quickest way to contact us.  Text us, call us or when you want to submit an entry for a contest to win something. It doesn't get any quicker to get ahold of us or win something from us than this direct link. Try it, we'd love to hear from you.

Start making your life better by downloading the RKR below.

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