We all know that the cost of college is rising every semester. But after credits are purchased for between $275 and $395 a pop, room and board checked off the list, and school supplies gathered, there is the astronomical cost of textbooks staring you in the face. A single textbook can cost more than a single college credit, and believe me, that adds up quickly. If the sting of the price tag doesn't getcha, the whopping $25 you get for selling the book back at the end of the semester certainly will. I have been so tempted, in that sell-back moment, to tell the cashier to keep it; what a joke.

According to an article from WWMT, Darryl Lewis and Shawn Fair, two juniors in Kalamazoo, have set out to change the way students buy, sell, and borrow textbooks with an app they've developed called Book Cycle.


With all the useless apps that have come out in the last few years; the Tooth Fairy Money Conversion Calculator, The Fake Beer, and Poop the World (yes, that's a thing) it's so refreshing to see such a helpful app hitting smart phones. And from Kalamazoo, no less!

Lewis and Fair hope to launch the app by next fall, just in time for the class of 2021 affect their best Scarlet O'hara and declare, "I will never buy textbooks the same again!"

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