Top 5 Ways The RKR App Can make Your Life Better
Say you're at work and the front end person has a knack for really bad polka music and that's all that is played where you work. Instead of quitting, all you would need to is just call up the RKR app on your smartphone
Teen Makes Sit With Us App
I'm always saying that if the "cool kids" were more vocal about sticking up for victims of bullying, other kids would follow their lead.  In fact, a recent article details a study out of Princeton says:
...over 50 New Jersey middle schools provided their most socially competent students wit…
Have You Tried The MSTY App Yet?
Each Monday over the past month  I've been talking about the new music messaging app called, "MSTY".  It's a great new app which lets you text messages along with music and photos.  I've enjoyed sending my wife messages with it.  Lots of great son…
Find The Perfect Fall Hunting Spot With A New Online Tool
With fall hunting seasons under way in Michigan, the Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters and outdoor enthusiasts that Mi-HUNT – a cutting-edge, Web-based, interactive mapping application – can help plan their next hunting or outdoor adventure. Mi-HUNT is available at…