This year, The Rocker has partnered up with Catholic Charities in the Greater Kalamazoo Area to help support, and raise funds for several of their amazing programs that benefit thousands of people across the region, and not just members of the Catholic Church.

Anybody can take part in their charitable programs, no matter your financial situation, religious affiliation, age, or gender. And The Rocker would like to help raise funds for these organizations to continue functioning across southwest Michigan during these busy times during the holiday.

The Ark Services for Youth, Kalamazoo
The Ark Services for Youth, Kalamazoo

This Week's Program: The Ark Services for Youth

The Ark provides a variety of services to runaway and homeless youth in crisis as well as their families. They are tailored to meet the needs of each youth and family.

Primarily, The Ark helps those in crisis become stable, develop strong and healthy relationships, and develop positive, achievable goals for the future.

"The Ark seeks to provide a safe place for youth and families to work on their goals, to reunite youth with their families, to empower youth to identify healthy lifestyle behaviors, and to develop positive decision-making skills."

The ARK Shelter is physically located in Kalamazoo, but serves youth and families in all nine counties across southwest Michigan.

They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and available through their crisis line at 1-800-873-8336.

Do donate, or to volunteer for The Ark, you can visit their website with the Catholic Charities, though you do not have to be Catholic to take part in their services.


Canva/Rocker to the Rescue
Canva/Rocker to the Rescue

Catholic Charities Diocese of Kalamazoo is a non-profit umbrella for multiple programs across the Greater Kalamazoo Area, that benefit people of all walks of life.

They envision respect for human dignity and ever-increasing stability and independence for individuals, families, and communities they serve.

They help provide funding for ten non-profits across the greater Kalamazoo Area:

If you would like to donate to ANY of these organizations, or even volunteer, you can visit the Catholic Charities Website for more information.

OR, you can click on the button above to donate today, and help the Rocker to the Rescue initiative.

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