I don't know how sentimental you can get about a courthouse, but for residents of Kalamazoo County, they recently had the opportunity to buy a piece of the old building on Michigan Avenue, and take it home.

All of this was available for only one day, but people who bid on the items sure got some incredible deals.

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Maybe you had a favorite chair to wait in while you were filing legal paperwork, or you want revenge on a certain seat from the jury in a court case you were involved in. It was all up for grabs in the Kalamazoo County Courthouse Auction on Monday, and some of it was insanely cheap.

One item, Lot 677344-Courtroom Q, was a group of 12 blue office chairs that were the actual jury chairs for any case that was held in that courtroom. And you could pick them ALL up for $15 if you got the last bid in.

Entire desks and cubicles, that would normally cost hundreds, maybe even upwards of $1,000 were going for as low as $5 in the auction.

You could even buy the desks where defendants sat, possibly during high-profile cases, for under $10, with the chairs included.

And for just $11, some lucky person got to walk away with the actual judge chair from Courtroom R, with two additional chairs for other people in the courtroom.

Kalamazoo Courthouse Auction

It's insane the deals that some people got, but ultimately, it was time to jettison it all. Out with the old, and IN with the new, which is right to the north on Kalamazoo Avenue.

A new multi-million dollar courthouse is now open to the public, and in use for all cases in Kalamazoo County.

Michigan's Oldest, Still-Operating Courthouse

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