They got me... those adorable little sprites in their green uniforms and decorated sashes.  Yes, I'm talking about the Girl Scouts.  They were set up between the double-doors of a local Walgreens.  I had popped in for ONE item, but seeing the colorful boxes of deliciousness they had stacked was too much for me to resist.  "I'll take a box of Samoas, and a box of Trefoils," I said, handing my cash to a bespectacled, pig-tailed little cherub.  After all, I'm helping her learn goal setting, decision making, and money management, right?

I proceeded to eat an entire sleeve of Trefoils for breakfast.  If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.  So, my question, dear readers, is if I paired the cookies with milk, does that make it a balanced breakfast?

Photo by Getty Images For Distinctive Assets