There's a dangerous new drug that's becoming available for people in Michigan and throughout the United States that poses an incredibly high risk for death. The street drug is called Bromazolam or "Benzo" and is something you should keep a close eye on in your neighborhood.

One site breaks down what it is exactly that Bromazolam is and what the dangers are for those who take them:

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Bromazolam is a synthetic benzodiazepine drug which was first synthesised in the 1970s but was never marketed as a pharmaceutical product.  It was first detected in the international drug market in 2016 with levels of detection increasing since 2022. It is most similar to Xanax in effect with hypnotic (sedative) and anxiolytic (relief of anxiety) properties.

Don't Be Fooled By The Bromazolam Packaging

Benzo pills are not prescribed medicine and because they're made in unregulated labs, a lot of them look like they could be legit prescription pills, all the way up to the bottling and packaging of the drug. But it's more than just the packaging you have to worry about, as these drugs can be WAY stronger than their similar-effect counterparts like Xanax, which makes them even more deadly.

Deadly Benzo Dosages

These dosages can be deadly in that what is considered a heavy dose of Valium at 15-30 milligrams, only takes about 2-4 milligrams of Benzo pills to give you the same effect. Again, this is a pill that is street-made and not FDA-approved. Because these pills are made inconsistently, even if from the same batch, each pill can produce a different effect.

That's playing overdose roulette, and it's not worth it.

Parents Should Familiarize Themselves with These Illegal Drugs

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to recognizing and understanding when your child becomes involved with illegal drugs.

Gallery Credit: Cindy Campbell

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