Oh, gosh, I don't know how to break this news, so, I'm just gonna say it. Bud's is now RED. Well, maybe maroon. And it looks like it's going to reopen soon.

I know, I was shocked when I saw the photo myself, but the good news is it looks like a local favorite in Schoolcraft, Bud's Bar is set to re-open soon, as they have signage letting the community know they're currently hiring to get re-staffed. When the bar unexpectedly closed down in 2019, the community was totally broken up about the news, but were relieved when it was announced early this year that they would be re-opening. With the new paint job, you're always in fear of upsetting locals who had known and loved Bud's as the almost oxidized copper brick building in the heart of Schoolcraft, but the reception has actually been positive:
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People are already sounding off on the new paint job and are actually welcoming in the change:
Looks very nice and inviting.
Looks wonderful !!!
It’s beautiful and refreshing

It turns out the interior has also had an upgrade and a refreshed look as well.

Somebody pointed out the fact that even though they have new owners, it's still named "Bud's" When asked what the odds were that another "Bud" bought the building, the poster had the perfect response:
Everyone is a Bud in Schoolcraft, Bud.
We'll have to keep an eye on when they plan to re-open with the new staff and if there will be any menu changes to go with the new look.

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