This year my brother-in-law and I, along with our kids are finally creating the family Christmas band for our holiday bubble.

I have played guitar and keyboards for years and have had lot of fun doing it. Not to mention, I've been spoiled by playing with some of the best musicians around my entire career. Trust me, playing with great musicians makes being in a band much easier.

My brother-in-law is a pretty good singer and my nephew loves to sing as well. My son is learning to play guitar and he likes to sing and dance. Trust me, there is not a movie that goes by that I don't have to witness my son Evan show me his dance moves for the song playing when the credits are rolling at the end.

There are a couple more musicians that may take part in our Christmas jam. My dad plays guitar and my mom sings a bit. My brother-in-law's mom plays the piano so there is room for the band to grow in the years to come and maybe even a guest appearance this year.

My brother-in-law and I have talked about this for years so finally I said, "send me some songs and let's learn a few for Christmas." The ones we do well we will keep for next year, then learn a few more until we have a good holiday party set of music to play for the family.

I really hope the first annual Christmas Jam works out. It would be nice for this to get passed down to our boys who might someday have a Christmas jam with their kids.

Look, we can't go anywhere because of COVID-19, we only have nine people in our bubble, we may as well entertain ourselves like in the old days. Heck, this might even be a blessing in and of itself.

Now if I can just convince the gang to call the band the "KFCs". Yeah I know, it's awesome right? The name is just perfect for a sponsorship. LOL. My son's last name is King-Carroll, my brother-in-law's last name is Ford and my last name is Carroll. See what I did there?

So let's see how the name's the KFCs 1st Annual Christmas Jam. I like it. Now I have to run it by the band members, this could lead to our first band fight. Look out VH1 Behind the come the KFCs...well, if we can agree on the name.

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