And you thought the windmill was tough...This is Patagonia v.s. Ping; think more North Face, less Callaway at the Polar Mini Golf Tournament.

Usually you have to fly somewhere warm to get in a round of golf this time of year, but you can play outdoors on Sunday, February 17 at Airway Fun Center's Polar Mini Golf Tournament. You probably won't need your golf glove, but don't forget your Winter gloves. This outdoor event is open to anyone and the winner gets unlimited free mini golf for the 2019 season.

The cost is $6 per person to play 18 holes and free hot chocolate will help you make the turn. I'm not sure of all the rules (thinking almost any shot would be a free drop) but it might be worth asking if you can use that little shovel with the sand used to fill divots to clear a path to the hole.

Bonus Video: Swiss Snow Golf

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