Putt-Putt Golf in my opinion takes more skill than people may think and is the ultimate pick-up game. You don’t need to be a golf expert to be able to pick up a club and go to a Putt-Putt golf course and make some legendary shots. That’s the beauty of mini golf, is that everybody can pick it up and play it and have a great time.

There are so many options when it comes to mini golf in Michigan. It’s hard to pinpoint what the greatest putt putt, golf course would be in the state. However one reputable source has named the best putt-putt golf course in the entire state, and you may be surprised by it. Golf.com has announced that they feel that Into the Woods Mini Golf in Copper Harbor, at the very top of the state, is the best place to get your mini golf on:
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Into the Woods Mini Golf, Copper Harbor:
The surroundings at this endearing little course aren’t so much woods as they are gardens, a delightfully soothing setting for holes that can be deceptively tough.

Close Seconds

I've never been to Into The Woods so I can't vouch whether or not it is the best, however, some spots all over the state are a close second. If you ever find yourself in some of these areas, do yourself a favor and set aside a few hours to get down on some cool courses.

Pirate's Cove in Traverse City
Trappers Creek in Mackinaw City
C.J. Barrymore's in Clinton Twp
Airway in Portage

Abandoned Belle Isle Golf Course

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