There seem to be more questions now that marijuana is legal than before the vote on Tuesday.  I commented a while back that this situation will be very weird to those of us who were born in the 60s when the "love affair" began and never could grasp that pot might one day be legal to smoke.  Now, so many other factors, variables and peripherals are coming into play that we never thought of.

One of those would have to be how companies will deal with a new addition to the recreational arsenal.  At the moment it seems that the general consensus is to treat marijuana like alcohol in terms of employee usage.  According to an article on, labor attorney Louis Avila says "the law does not effect in any way an employer's ability to test for marijuana and then to discipline or terminate an employee for the use of marijuana".  In fact, Michigan law doesn't even protect medical marijuana users with documented disabilities from being fired.  Get more of this hot bed story by clicking HERE.

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