U.S. citizens who want to cross from Detroit to Windsor through the tunnel or on the bridge may soon be able to do so again with this provision.

Michigan shares the shores of three of the Great Lakes with our northern neighbor, and there are several border crossings between Canada and the United States that have been closed for quite some time.

Where can I cross the U.S./Canada border?

U.S. Customs and the Canada Border Services Agency have bureaus in Detroit at the Windsor Detroit Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge. The Blue Water Bridge links Port Huron and Sarnia, Ontario, and is another crossing. The third shared checkpoint is the Sault Ste, Marie International Bridge between its two namesake cities in Michigan and Ontario. There are a total of 10 international border crossings from Ontario to Michigan, including bridges, tunnels, ferries, rail lines, roads, and airline flights.

Why was the border closed?

Concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic prompted the closing of international border crossings.

How long has the border between the United States and Canada been closed?

Border crossings have been limited to essential travel, certain workers and transportation of goods since March of 2020. What was originally a brief closure has been extended several times due to lingering COVID-19 concerns.

When will the borders be reopened?

Forbes.com and other news outlets are reporting that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is working on a phased reopening of the border to international visitors. The target is vaccinating at least 75% of Canadians. That number was at 57% as of June 4.

What will I need?

Here's the catch. You will need to prove that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to cross the border into Canada. For some years now, international travelers have needed a passport, a NEXUS or FAST card, or an enhanced driver's license or identification card to make the trek. Now, you must show proof that you have received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna, or the single shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

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