If you get up to fish around the Saginaw Bay area in Michigan this year keep an eye out for tagged Walleye.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, there are 3,000 tagged Walleye that were released around the Saginaw Bay area and they want the information on the fish that are caught.

The tagged fish are apart of an ongoing research project that is monitoring survival, movement and harvesting rates of the Walleye.

Each tag has an id number as well as a post office box address.  If you catch a fish with a tag you are asked to report the fish by using the number on the tag or online here.

There are also tagged fish that feature a $100 reward when they are caught and reported.

If you catch a tagged reward fish you are allowed to keep it or release it but you need a clear photo of the reward tag.  Good luck to those that head out to the bay area to fish this year.

Check out the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for more details.

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