Vacation, all I ever wanted
Vacation, had to get away

(The Go Go's, "Vacation", 1982)

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You wanna know what rhymes with vacation?


While you're trying to get away from it all on vacation, no matter where you go or what you do you can't seem to outrun INFLATION.

And it's already caught up to your summer vacation plans in the middle of January.

But this will only hit you in the pocketbook if you don't plan ahead and get your tickets in advance.

How much are Cedar Point tickets going up in 2022?

Let's take some of the sting out of this for you before we hit you with sticker shock.

Cedar Point has increased its walk-up admission price to $85 for 2022, although most visitors won’t pay that much.

Gate admission is up $10 in 2022, or 13% over the $75 rate from a year ago. (MLive)

To put it in simpler terms, get your tickets online and/or in advance. Season passes are suggested or buying them online before you get to the park. If you wait and buy them the day of at the gate, that's how and when this increase will affect you.

So a last-minute road trip without thinking could zap a few extra bucks out of your pocket.

When it comes to Cedar Point in 2022, plan ahead and save some cash.

  • Season passes come in Gold and Platinum and are $135 and $230 respectively. Both offer unlimited visits in 2022.
  • Currently, a preseason sale is offering daily tickets for $45.
  • Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark said discounted tickets would not be offered at local retailers in 2022, as they have been in the past. (MLive)

Opening day at Cedar Point is May 7th.

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