When you think of the best coastal town in the entire country, a lot of cities come to mind. San Francisco, Malibu, and Los Angeles in California while Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale, and Miami make a case for themselves in Florida. In Michigan, South Haven, Traverse City, and Alpena are beautiful, coastal cities, but according to 10 Best USA Today, none of the cities hold a candle to who they say is the number one coastal city in the entire country, Sandusky, Ohio.

No, I’m dead serious, they put Sandusky, Ohio as the top coastal city in the entire country. I don't know how you could look at any city with a palm tree and warm weather throughout the year, then look at Ohio and go, "Ya know what's better than tropical weather? Ohio."

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So What Makes Sandusky The #1 Coastal Town In America?

It has nothing to do with lavish beaches but with the attractions located in Sandusky, as the report indicates:

This Ohio town on the coast of Lake Erie is home to Cedar Point – one of the top roller coaster-laden amusement parks in the country. As such, Sandusky regularly welcomes families from all over and is prepared to do so with other attractions like Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, Sandusky Children’s Museum, and the Merry-Go-Round Museum, plus plenty of spots for yummy treats like Soda Pop’s.

This was also apparently voted by readers, so they must have a large reader case in Ohio:

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