I guess the first thing I thought of was, what???? And then, when I realized what it was, I thought "it's good to be rich."

The Benson Ford" was a ship. A really big ship, named for Henry Ford's (and Edsel Ford's son) grandson. Henry Ford personally designed some of the rooms in it. The ship hauled coal, logs, and iron around the Great Lakes for a half-century. Decommissioned and renamed in 1981, a guy named Frank Sullivan bought it and turned it into a summer home in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, an island just north of Sandusky and Cedar Point.

After about ten years, Sullivan wanted to turn it into a bed and breakfast, but the local officials said no, and the case went to court. Sullivan eventually gave up and now Bryan Kasper owns it.

"The massive 7,000 square foot vacation home is fully equipped with five bedrooms, five full baths, a full kitchen, dining room, family room, a garage, a pilothouse, and more. The original walnut-paneled staterooms keep the authentic ship feel throughout the lake house that makes you feel as though you’re on a luxurious maiden voyage across the Great Lakes.' - ShipontheBay.com


(Free Documentary - Shorts via YouTube)

While it's not really open for tours (there are some charity events that allow people in) if you're there, it's still quite a sight. Kasper enjoys simple things like cooking breakfast, knowing the likes of Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone ate there, too.

In the video, Kasper says he paid less than half a million for the Benson Ford at auction, but the beauty is not knowing its worth because he'd never sell it.

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