Back when I was living in Mattawan there was a giant concrete castle-like house that I passed almost daily, and I've always wondered what the story behind it was. The house sits on open land on Sprinkle Road on the corner of Bishop Ave in Portage. One thing I did recently discover is that the house was relocated in the late 90's when they actually needed to separate it in 4 pieces to move it successfully. The house once resided at 10375 N 40th in Hickory Corners. Dating well over 150 years old, many say this once was an old Victorian Tea Shop and Antiques store:

It originally came from Hickory Corners. It was on Kellogg School Road near B Avenue where the Michigan State University farm is. It was purchased by the local land conservancy and moved to Portage. After it was moved, they reinforced it with cement and added on to it. They were going to use it for offices, but lost the funding. It was a cool house before it was moved and still has so much potential. Sad to see it just sitting.

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Many changes were made to the house after it was moved. The owners added on another level so that an elevator could be installed in the home. It had a stone basement, then it was expanded again in the center to both the north and south. While the front is original, people with a connection to the house say the very back was once the garage. Today it continues to be a staple landmark of Portage, but from the original post discussing the home, many people have come and gone as residents of this beautiful piece of architecture.

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