C has likely seen a few things in his football career. The Chicago area native played college ball in Terre Haute for Indiana State and has spent several seasons in Canada for the CFL's Calgary Stampeders. During his team's 2021 season opener, a Thursday night tilt, a rabbit not a player stole the show.

In what may be the most talked-about moment of the young 2021 CFL season, a jackrabbit interrupted a game between the Stamps (as those in the know call the Stampeders) and the BC Lions. The bodacious bunny made its way onto the field during a time out to announce a penalty ran around the endzone and proceeded to release its bunny bladder all over the grass.

Lucky for us the moment was captured on camera in flowing HD and shared by the CFL on its social media feeds

While the close-up gives us the pee-by-pee on the field, lucky for us, a fan in the stands, also caught the action with a wider angle. Here we can see the rabbit hit the field at about the 2-yard line, run about 10 yards before turning and sprinting to the endzone, doing his business on the Y in Calgary and darting off to the sidelines.

What's not clear is if the rabbit chose the spot at random or did is business on a portion of the word Calgary to show is dismay at the hometeam dropping the opener 15-9.

As for our star defenseman from Chicago, Jameer Thurman is in his third season with the Stamps (2017-18, 2021), including the 2018 Grey Cup winning team. He had a taste of the NFL signing with the hometown Bears and saw action during the 2019 preseason. He played a shortened 2020 season with the DC Defenders of the XFL. But call it a blessing in disguise to come back to Calgary for 2021 and the Jackrabbit game.

More CFL Rabbits on the Field

This isn't the first time a rabbit has made its presence known during a Calgary Stampeders game. During the Labour Day Classic of 2015 a rabbit ran the entire length of the field and listen as the announcers call the "touchdown."

Here in the States, a Boilermaker bunny interrupted the 1993 Michigan-Purdue game in West Lafayette.

These rabbits on football fields do what they want. As for the most disobedient dog breeds? Same.

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