You read that correctly, Kellogg's and Pizza Hut have joined forces to bring you a food hybrid you never knew you needed... Cheez-It Pizza. Coming in a four-pack, the individual pizzas are more like a Cheez-It shaped pizza puff, shaped to look just like the cracker. But looks aren't everything. Pizza Hut took the dough, added the Cheez-It flavor and color, and stuffed it with melty, cheesy goodness. Think of it like a flat, flaky, square mozzarella stick.

Though early reviews set out to first remind customers that these are not, in fact, pizza, these "more like toasted ravioli" handhelds definitely pack that sharp cheddar punch Cheeze-Its are known for. Unlike the classic cracker, you won't be able to mindlessly snack.  One reviewer commented, "At first it was too much: too much salt, too much cheez. Then I dipped it in the marinara, which was the standard Pizza Hut product... And somehow that balanced the whole bite."

Kellogg's and Pizza Hut: Two great American companies that go great together? Try the Cheez-It Pizza to find out.




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