When you think back to some of the greatest hockey teams of all time, some of the greats that jump out are the 2002 Detroit Red Wings, whose veteran roster consisted of nine players bound for the Hall of Fame and won the Cup Finals against the Carolina Hurricanes for the Red Wings' third Stanley Cup title in six years.

The 1985 Edmonton Oilers, when Wayne Gretzky racked up a 208-point regular season and set playoff records for assists and points, then led the Oilers to take a second straight championship in their third consecutive trip to the Finals.

These are just a few. But how do they compare to the 1975 Sesame Street team?

Oh...could it be that some of you are not acquainted with the story of the Sesame Street hockey team that battled the Chicago Blackhawks at their 1975 Christmas Party? Well, pull up an ice block and lend an ear...

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Starting Lineup

The Sesame Street team was ABSOLUTELY stacked, with the formidable Cookie Monster standing in the net. Grover (mistaken as Oscar The Grouch) made his way out to hold down the Center position, while the long and tall Big Bird held down the Defensive position, and "The Bash Brothers" of hockey, Bert & Ernie held down the wing positions.

Ultimately in the closing seconds of the game, while it was tied 2-2, Big Bird made a phenomenal steal and dished it to Ernie, which was picked up by Grover, who scored the winning goal to give Sesame Street the 3-2 victory over Chicago.

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