You can keep stodgy old pinstripes. If you're looking for the most swagger-inducing uniforms in Baseball, you'll find them on Chicago White Sox players. The white-on-black look is slick and these newly unveiled City Connect threads take it to another level.

The black-based jerseys (yeah, okay there are pinstripes there) scream Southside across the chest while the hats bear a vertical CHI.

Here's how the Sox introed them:

The black & white is iconic – a game changer. But now, it’s time for the remix.

Take a look at the uniforms in action in this sizzle video from the Sox:

As the video notes, the black-and-white look 'reaches beyond the city' and took on a wider cultural significance in the 1990s. The FanGraphs blog shares:

The relationship between baseball and hip hop is particularly deep in Chicago. Jay-Z has his Yankees cap, but 90s rap videos were all about the White Sox fitted. It became a symbol of the culture at a time when rap was going mainstream and rappers from both coasts were gaining popularity. The design and color scheme of the cap are simple, yet timeless.

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NBCSports reports the uniforms will make their first game appearance on Saturday, June 5 in a game against the Detroit Tigers.

The City Connect series, so far, also includes reimaginings for Boston and Miami. NikeNews reveals that the Cubs, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Giants will also see new threads this season with more clubs added in subsequent years.

As for me, Nike, the White Sox and MLB and can just...


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