Residents of Kalamazoo's Westwood Neighborhood! Attention, please! You have but days left until your travel is seriously impacted by the opening of the Chick-Fil-A on West Main and Drake. According to the official Chick-Fil-A Facebook page, they are set to open on January 14th, and that means cars, cars, and more cars.

It would be smart for Kalamazoo Public Safety to have a traffic cop on site for the first  month. Do you remember the craziness of the opening of the Popeye's? They had to block off an entire lane of traffic down to Drake to accommodate the number of cars the opening was attracting. FOR WEEKS.

Sure, Chick-Fil-A bought the disused gas station next to the location their new West Main and Drake location, razed it, filled it in, and extended their parking lot in anticipation of their customer base turning up en masse, but anyone who calls that area of Kalamazoo home should give themselves a LOT of extra time when running errands, or find an alternative route around the store until the shine wears off.

The one thing residents have going for them is that, due to COVID-19, they aren't giving out free food to the first 100 people in line at their grand opening, as is their tradition, so there won't be cars lining the streets and people in tents and sleeping bags on the property leading up to opening day.

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