Before Chuck Barris became famous as the host and creator of The Gong Show, his song 'Palisades Park' was a Top 5 hit for singer Freddie Cannon. A Michigan radio station is credited with being the first to play the song.

And it happened by accident. The story is related in Remembering Flint, Michigan: Stories from the Vehicle City by Gary Flinn: the city's Top 40 station WTAC had added Freddie Cannon's 'June, July and August' to the playlist. However a disc jockey mistakenly played the B-side, 'Palisades Park.' The phones blew up with request to hear the song again and the rest is history.
Here's the song Barris wrote as a tribute to the New Jersey amusement park.

Chuck Barris Sings on the Gong Show

Barris once showed off his singing chops on the Gong Show and got gonged by Jamie Farr for his efforts. Barris performed the song 'Take this Job and Shove It' under the name The Hollywood Cowboys:

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