Chuck Norris is a legendary martial arts master who has a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo, among other accomplishments. But I recently discovered that he once performed his Master Test in Southfield Michigan, and was almost denied the test, if it hadn't been for someone in attendance. The test took place in 1970 and the late Grand Master Hwang Kee, one of the five original Founders to open solely Korean Martial Arts Kwans, was there to judge his performance. Here's how someone bailed Norris out (photo here), according to a local researcher:

This was Chuck Norris taking his master test. It was conducted at Kennedy Hall in Southgate, Mi. It was my Dad's union hall for the United Steel Workers. Top row second person is Russ Hanke who had a club just down the street on Fort Street. The union hall is still there on Fort Street and Superior in Southgate. Chuck was almost denied his test by Grand Master Hwang Kee because of his flashy Do Bok (uniform). Luckily for Chuck, someone loaned him their Do Bok so he could complete the test.

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Instructors Russ Hanke Gary Hasson can be seen in the photo sitting in front of the picture of JKF as they watch Chuck Norris perform his test. It goes without saying that things ended up working out for Norris, who would go on to start in Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon, Walker Texas Ranger, headlining WWF Survivor Series and many other roles throughout his career.

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