The first nest of the Asian Giant Hornets, dubbed "Murder Hornets" in the U.S. was located and destroyed recently. The nest was discovered on private property in the state of Washington and after being given permission form the property owner, the Washington State Department of Agriculture went all Chuck Norris on the "Murder Hornets" with karate chops and kicks to their big Murder Hornet thoraxes.

Actually, that's not true.  They just sucked up the big suckers using a vacuum-like method, but I like the Chuck Norris theory better. Not how I pictured a nest of buzzing murderers would die but the Ag guys have to know a thing or two about killing off some nasty insects right?

The people who study the insects are claiming the Asian Giant Hornets are getting a bad rap with the ""Murder Hornet" title. In reality, like any insect, the Hornets do not seek out humans - plot and hatch a plan to murder them and then hire lawyers to defend themselves against some serious jail time. No sir, the Hornets prefer to avoid human contact and seek out the real targets to which they can hatch their murderous plans.

The indigenous Honey Bee.

This invasive species is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of innocent Honey Bees who one minute, are innocently making a "smackeral" of honey for Poo Bear and the next minute, they are having their heads ripped off and their insides sucked out by ass wipe Murder Hornets with horrible attitudes. Now their dead carcasses lay spread out over 1/2 mile in an opium field in Washington...oh bother.

Okay, I may have embellished some of the details of Honey Bee deaths and I'm not even sure if there are any opium fields in the state of Washington, but you get my point. We're going to be okay. Only around 50 deaths a year are recorded in Japan where the nasty varmints hail from.

Sure like any bee that would sting you though, it's going to hurt, but short of you falling on top of a nest and hugging as many Murder Hornets as you can, you should be alright if stung by one. Now if you really want to teach it a lesson, rip its head off after it stings you and suck out its insides. If the rest of the nest see you do that, they may just leave you alone.

On second thought, better leave such antics to Chuck Norris as Murder Hornets don't sting Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris stings them...with a couple of round house kicks!

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