If you're into winter outdoor fun, it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to shutdowns and lockdowns thanks to the Covid pandemic. Time to get out of the house and get back to some winter fun in Ann Arbor.

The city has announced recreational skating and instructional classes are back. Veterans Memorial Park has already began the sign up process for instructional classes and then, open skating begins tomorrow (Thursday Jan 21st) at Buhr Park Outdoor Ice Arena.

Of course Covid-19 precautions will be enforced:

“Face coverings are required at all times while at Buhr Park including outdoors and on the ice,” the city stated in a news release. “Please remain 6 feet apart from others outside your household.”

The Vets Park Indoor Arena is running instructional classes as well. Classes will run through March 6th. The classes cover preschool-age residents and non-residents through adults. Covid protocol must be followed during classes as well.

“Due to COVID restrictions, skaters must be able to stand up independently as instructors will be hands off,” the city noted for the preschool-age classes. “Masks must be worn at all times and only one guest per skater is allowed in the facility.”

Open skating, learning to skate and rental of the properties for group and family fun. This is really good news and allows Ann Arbor citizens to get some time off the couch and help alleviate some cabin fever.

For more detailed info on Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation classes and open skate times check here.

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