I got an alert the other day that said "ILLEGAL ALERT: Michigan is now Asking Residents to House Illegals in their Homes," and it kinda peaked my interest. Of course, anything that has "ALERT" in all caps is going to get my attention. But this one seemed to imply the State of Michigan was going to FORCE people to allow immigrants into their homes. That just didn't seem plausible.

Other news outlets ran with the headline as well, claiming it was due to "overcrowding," and the "border crisis," and the government would be putting them in our own homes. But I still remained skeptical and did some digging. Turns out... at least PART of this is true.

First thing's first, NO, the State of Michigan is not forcing people to allow "illegal immigrants" into their homes.

Yes, migrants are moving into various parts of the country, some being controversially bussed out of some areas, and into so-called "Sanctuary Cities." By definition, both Detroit and Ann Arbor are considered to be Sanctuary Cities in Michigan.

But the idea that the State Government was going to force you to house illegal immigrants in your own home is completely fake. However, there IS an organization asking for volunteers to help new, migrant families in our communities get settled.

The Real Story of Helping Immigrants in Michigan

The Office of Global Michigan is asking for people to help integrate them into US Society. Residents who take part have to make a 90-day commitment to the process, and will help these migrant families FIND new homes. They will NOT be giving up their own space.

"The Office of Global Michigan's goal is to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our immigrant, refugee and ethic communities. With expanded refugee resettlement pathways, everyday Michiganders can provide refuge and build a state where people are welcomed with open arms."

Poppy Hernandez, who is Michigan's Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, said the program also includes helping these new families enroll their children in schools, and find employment for the adults.

So actually, this isn't an "invasion" as the headlines might suggest, but actually a very cool, proactive immigrant program to help get to know our new neighbors from other cultures, and help integrate them into American society. It also allows us, as residents, to personally vet who we'll be living next to.

It's amazing to me how some people are so resistant to allowing immigrants into the country, because if you remember... we were all once immigrants ourselves. Personally, I think this is a great program, and if given the opportunity, sounds kind of fun.

Welcome to the U.S. new people!

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