Current Dallas Cowboy, and former Michigan Wolverine Mazi Smith is not happy right now. He's been hyper focused on his rookie year in the NFL. In the chaos of making the leap, and move to Dallas, it's possible he might have missed some steps, but this one seems to be a pretty big one.

This past week, Mazi received a TikTok video, showing his storage unit in Michigan had been sold in auction, and that unit contained a near-priceless collection of shoes, cleats, Michigan team gear, and even a Michigan Wolverines playbook that could have contained Jim Harbaugh's keys to success!

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While making his transition to the League, Smith says the rent payment for the unit likely "fell through the cracks," and inadvertantly became a delinquent account. When storage units go to auction, the potential buyers aren't often given much detail on the previous owner. They simply base their bids on what they can see from the door.

One person, Vincent Broadway, who goes by @vbroadwayfinds on TikTok, spotted something that made him push to win the auction. His suspicious were then confirmed when he unearthed a cleat and sneaker collection that could top more than $20,000.

But there was one problem with the collection... it already belonged to Mazi, and he didn't know it had sold.

His attorney, Levi G. McCathern II spoke to the media recently, after Smith was shown a video of his unit being sold, and opened up by Broadway, on Tiktok.

"Mazi Smith was completely unaware that his personal belongings had been sold until he was sent the TikTok video of the man who purchased the storage unit where his belongings were being stored.
Mazi obviously wants his possessions back, and we will immediately begin working towards that goal."

Broadway's videos from his account can be seen below, and much of them is focused on the shoe collection, and some of the team-exclusive clothing items that Mazi would have gotten while being on the Wolverines roster.

But one thing that is grazed over INCREDIBLY quick, is the "Playbook" found in the unit on the first video, which could contain team secrets, and tricks that Jim Harbaugh would implement with his team.

Let's hope that Broadway is a Wolverines fan. Can you imagine if an Ohio State fan happened to purchase that storage unit, and discovered that playbook?

Not that it matters now, since Jim Harbaugh is headed out to coach the Los Angeles Chargers next season.

Mazi, who is originally from Grand Rapids, was part of the 2022-23 team that made it into the College Football Playoff, but were eliminated by TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. He was then drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys, where he has been playing this past season as a Defensive Tackle.


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